giovedì 23 giugno 2011

Status update on 0.5.3

The version 0.5.3 of EduMIPS64 is almost ready. Thanks to the students of the Computer Architecture course at the University of Catania I was able to find and fix some bugs (see the temporary ChangeLog).

I also cleaned up the configuration of Trac on and started using its ticket tracking features. Here is reported the project roadmap (with no due dates) and here are all the tickets (including closed ones), grouped by milestone.

I moved two tickets that need more time to 0.5.4, so for releasing 0.5.3 only two bugs need to be addressed. The problem is that one of them is related to the Mac OS X platform, and I don't have a Mac to work on it. People have been reproducing it on different versions of Mac OS X, and it is obviously a regression because version 0.5.2 shows no issues.

I hope that I'll get my hands on a Mac OS X in the near future and try to debug this issue. If you have one, please contact me.

In the next week, I won't have any time for the project, but I hope to start working on it on July.